Software and Hardware to Reproduce and Extend our Work

Year 1

You can download the hardware design and software code to create prototypes such as the ones shown in this video:

*Hardware design for 4 x 4 PV-Tile prototype (Available on publication of our ACM CHI 2020 paper - April 2020)

*Detail of Gesture Recognition algorithm:
When the PIR sensor detects movement near the device, it is automatically switched to interaction mode. We implemented two modes of PV-based gesture sensing:
-- Hover-input with partial tile shadowing, and
-- Touch-input with full occlusion of the PV area
When the voltage drops below the lower threshold the system assumes a touch gesture has occurred. If the voltage is below the upper threshold but above the lower, the system actions a hover gesture. As each of the tiles can independently sense hover gestures, by monitoring dynamic changes across the full prototype we are able to implement mid-air “swipes”: i.e., a hover gesture moving left, right, up or down across the prototype.

*Software code for the demonstrators we created: Available on GitHub